Saturday, May 01, 2010

Take Action for the Center for Biological Diversity

Seriously. Can we find out the true cost of these developments before going ahead?

Take note all of you unemployed loggers in Northern British Columbia who are Jonesing for a pipeline through your pristine watershed...

Can we stop lying about risk?

Can we insist on sustainable employment that benefits locally as much as globally?

I agree the north needs development. Absolutely. But think about it. Next fifty years? What do you want that corridor to look like? Pipes will burst. Anyone with a house, or simply a body, knows that...

Can we insist on ethical and environmentally sound developments that benefit all?

Poetry takes less, demands less environmental risk, urges sustainable development.

Because some times the thing that makes a place great is what hasn't yet been done...

Take Action for the Center for Biological Diversity

And because it's never too late to do it right.

You think you can't say no?

Under Rich Earth Trailer from Marco Rafael on Vimeo.

Think again.

And yes, it does seem like the story Avatar was based on...

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