Monday, June 07, 2010

Driving west from Toronto, or north of Oakville

Such a strange feeling...heading to Toronto on Thursday (see earlier post) and it feels like I'm heading home. Or, I'm heading to Canada. Ontario isn't what I think of as home, BC is home. Still, being in Quebec, in Montreal, one feels one is in Quebec, in Montreal, not necessarily in Canada. Will I ever feel at home in Quebec? Will I feel adequately expat as I did in New York? Or will this floating in the between lands continue?

How strangely lonesome the landscape above, no? I post this because it was my first afternoon back in Canada after being in America for seven years...a quiet, heavy afternoon. Still, quite beautiful in its desolation. 
Speaking of changing landscapes...and more costs of cheap and dirty oil. This is currently making the rounds online:

Systems keep this big oil or big food?

***Here's a local author, Toronto that is, talking about the Hellman's ad. Go Margaret.


m said...

Watched Food Inc on Friday. Wasn't as shocking as I expected (preaching to the converted, I think), but good to be reminded of choices and the power we can have.

p.s. BC always feels like home, too.

Lemon Hound said...

Well, most of us know...that's the surprising thing. We know, and we don't seem to be able to affect any change. At a systemic level. Similar with the oil/energy/infrastructure problem. It seems to me people, most people I encounter, would very much like transportation/energy alternatives...affordable and accessible.