Monday, July 26, 2010

Headache vs. Animation: Some Short Shorts

Since I've had a migraine all day today, I began searching the internets for some video to offer up curatorially instead of creating my own "content." I came upon this lovely animation by Bruce Bickford, who apparently collaborated with Frank Zappa in the early '70s. As I was partially raised on Zappa, by which I mean brought to frustrated adolescence and then left there, this struck me as an egregious vacancy in my art knowledge.

Beatnik Poet

I found Bruce Bickford via Kiarra Albina's blog on the NFB Hothouse project. She is a Montreal based artist whose name was familiar to me because -- I think -- she drew the graphic for my brother's band's t-shirt. There are indeed 6 degrees of separation in Canada.

I am interested in what Albina is doing with the gesture in this video.

I would also like to see her film Pierogi Pinch, for my own heritage fetishization reasons.

And please note that there is plenty of room within my ideology for pretty pretty.


Nikki Reimer is the author of [sic] (Frontenac House, 2010). She lives in Vancouver, volunteers for the Kootenay School of Writing collective, and chronicles the East Van Cats.

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