Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Why I love Margaret Atwood?

She says stuff. One of the few women writers of our time, at least in this country, who has access to the national media, and who uses it, more for good than her own profile, though her profile grows...she took risks. Continues to take risks. Doesn't pander to the mainstream. She's funny. Funnier now than when she was a young woman though aging allows women to enjoy themselves a little more since they've exited from the sexy category and thus might be more visible and less threatening. She doesn't waiver. She doesn't rely on a shy glance to encourage male critics to fawn over her. She doesn't get backed into the "shrill corner" doesn't give predictable fem talk (please ladies, don't fall for that one...). Oh, and Atwood also gives pretty good tweet. Here she is on the recent Toronto G8 G20 mess:
And why the factory-chicken detention facilities for those corralled – scant food and water, no calls to lawyers and, if witnesses are any indication, nasty language and harassment? Is this “normal” – give a group unlimited, unsupervised power over another group, and this is what happens? If so, who authorized that power? Was the treatment of those arrested some sort of dry run – a testing of the waters to see how far those in authority can move toward Tinpot Dictatorship North, without a vote-losing backlash? Was the Black Blocker mayhem allowed so there would be a justification for the undue force later? And why is not a public inquiry in order?
PS. Thanks Michael Bryson for posting that clip...I ran into that a few years ago and had forgotten about it...


Marco Antonio Huerta said...

Loved it when I first saw it. You Canadians sure ought to be proud to have her. All of us in the rest of the world, too. Best!

Lemon Hound said...

Well, in some quarters she exemplifies ALL THAT IS WRONG with Canada. But I guess that's to be expected. We need our "heroes" to have broad shoulders to carry the load and take the shots.