Monday, August 30, 2010

Just for fun

And because I'm almost as big a fan of Glee as Cabaret.

Though seriously, Fox? Fox?
Okay, actually no, can't put Glee and Cabaret in the same sentence. But it is fun.


Matt said...

Fox has always had some good shows (though I'm not into Glee). Simpsons, X-Files... I even enjoyed That 70s Show. Fox tends to be more daring than the other networks, even if the results are sometimes trashy.

Lemon Hound said...

I know it's nothing like's true.

That 70s show?

Okay, I can live with my Glee infatuation.

Kathleen said...

I love Glee.

Lemon Hound said...

Yup. It's fun. But now after 7 episodes I'm wondering how they'll keep it fresh.

Kathleen said...

Plus, those high school kids are going to grow up. It always happens.