Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ah the Peg, oh the Forks

I love you Geist, and thanks for the newsletter with its variousness.
But are you really saying Winnipeg is this boring?

The Hound will be reading in her old, old, old stomping grounds this Friday for the first time ever. In fact, I believe I will be staying somewhere either behind the lens, or to the right. No doubt I will walk too close to the river. I always did. And at least once was accompanied home by a police officer for this practice. Okay, I'm older now. No one will likely notice if I get too close.

Very excited to be in the mother-city.

Course, psychologically this is more accurate.

A long forgotten cousin prepares to welcome me home with an old favorite song from a classic Winnipeg band and you know, a classic Peg sound.

Nope. He's not going to look up. As is the custom, he's a little shy.
Oh, and then there's the Legion. This is the Rockwood Legion. Grant Park. Hours spent outside of it while adults remained inside it.

And if you don't know that song don't bother saying hello, eh? Lots of Legion hams and such. Good times.

Won't be making it north, though the Hound was born in northern Manitoba she hasn't been north of Lundar since, well, since she was old enough to go off-leash.

Here's a final bit for you. Technically my relatives didn't settle in Gimli, though I do believe I had at least one Uncle who passed away in the mental hospital there. This last one is haunting. A word that is rightly associated with his province. Love that voice. No idea who it is but love it.

Um, no, that isn't really my cousin. But here's a piece about my cousin Carlene's son, Andrew Harris, a young man the family is pretty happy with these days and apparently so are the BC Lions.

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