Monday, September 20, 2010

The more things digitize the more we return to the printed page.

I’m fumigating at the moment (fleas, sowbugs, clothing moths). Akin to moving, only you move right back in to the same apartment. This is why I missed Lisa Robertson and Eileen Myles read at the charles h. scott gallery on Saturday, which I'm certain was all kinds of woman rock star writer awesomeness.
Over the summer, I attended, and briefly read at, the west coast diagonal zine fair, a hopefully inaugural event featuring these BC-based zines and chapbooks. I plan an overview of BC literary publications for a future post, but for now I'd like to call your attention to Perro Verlag Books by Artists, a Mayne Island, BC-based small press that puts out beautiful objets d'arte, including the devilishly good Hell Passport series. Perro Verlag has published such multidisciplinary poet/writer/artists as derek beaulieu, Donato Mancini, Sally Ireland and Billy Mavreas.

I also picked up a wee zine thing entitled Kittenclops (Volume 0 - Issue 0)--for obvious reasons--from the nice fellow selling the Perro Verlag books. Kittenclops was put out in 2007 by Winged Moose press and features drawings by artists Terry Plummer, Jason McLean, Luke Ramsey & Owen Plummer and Wesley Mulvin. There is virtually no information on Winged Press online, and I suspect that's how they like it.

It may be preferable to close the lid/shut off the screen and fondle the page, while we still can. Alternately, draw your own poem.

Nikki Reimer is the author of one book of poetry, [sic]. She lives in Vancouver and is a member of the Kootenay School of Writing collective.

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