Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tracking Kevin Davies

These cheesy little hypertexts
are going to get better.
I don’t know
how much better, but we’ll see.

from “Karnal Bunt”

Pause Button

Lateral Argument

PennSound Author Page

Boston Review Portfolio, introduced by Joshua Clover

Philly Talks, Kevin Davies with Diane Ward

Accompanying sound recording to Philly Talk

There is an interview with Marcella Durand I am trying to locate.

“On Kevin Davies & the Disobedient Poetics of Determinate Negation,” by Steve Evans

In The Nation, by Jordan Davis

In The Poetry Project Newsletter, by Drew Gardner, page 23

On Ron Silliman’s blog (scroll to May 19)

On John Latta’s blog

In Aufgabe, by Jasper Bernes

In Boston Review, by Brian Kim Stefans

In Jacket, by Jonathan Fedors

In Rain Taxi, by Steven Zultanski

Peter Culley paper beginning with description of KD reading

Any absences, please add.

Michael Nardone lives in the Northwest Territories.


Anonymous said...

i dont believe they're available online, but i really enjoy both

COMP. (Washington, DC: EDGE: 2000)

-- derek

Lemon Hound said...

The Isola di Rifiuti link you've provided is a kind of follow-up to the earlier review of Davies's Golden Age of Paraphernalia found here.

John L.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, John. This is great.

Today, reading about the "sludge flood" in west Hungary, and wondering: didn't Davies author this event a decade ago?


colin smith said...

Dear Michael Nardone:

I can help you out here, bub. The Marcella Durand interview with KD you're looking for appeared in Daniel Bouchard's lovely periodical "The Poker", issue 3, Fall 2003. It's a hoot and a blast and goes from page 38 through 56. Davies functions as a contributing editor for "The Poker".

I don't know whether this document is posted anywhere on the interweb. I suspect not. Good luck finding a copy (or the interview). This issue of "The Poker" has a very red cover. Redder than fire trucks, redder than blood, redder than commies.

All best,
Colin Smith

Anonymous said...

Colin: it is good to know where this exists.

I've sent word to friends in Boston to track this issue of "The Poker" down.

I send my thanks to Winnipeg,


Anonymous said...

And this: In Jacket 39, by Alan Davies:



pb said...

Pam brown's introduction to & huge digressions on Kevin Davies' poem in 'The Golden Paraphernalia'


The distraction imagery -


from 'Short takes on long poems' symposium, Auckland University, New Zealand March 2012