Friday, October 01, 2010


I grew up in communities where my fellow students openly bragged, not only about bullying, but bashing gays. They bragged, and no one said anything.

I grew up walking my more visibly queer friends to school and back so that I could deflect some of the verbal and physical bullying they encountered almost daily.

Two decades later, hundreds of marches around the world, total penetration into the commercial cultural market place, and still, in the past month or so, four young gay people have been bullied, driven to suicide and/or bashed.

End the bullying of young queers. End bullying.

If you see something, say something.

Even in the Facebook tribute page of Tyler Clementi there is hate (thanks to moderators for deleting those...)

Zero tolerance for bigots or bullies. ZERO.

Or, as they say, give a damn.


Taypee said...


Anonymous said...

People are ignorant. Bullying of any kind should not be tolerated. Individuals sexuality is none of anyone elses business.
It is true, there are many people who sit by and watch bullying happen. I think it starts from shitty parenting. Children should be taught to respect others choices and not be judgemental.Its these children who bully who will have children of there own... and so it goes.
What are we teaching in the schools?

Kathleen said...

Thank you. Yes!

Lucy said...

It's sick that despite these events, there are individuals who think that bullying is some kind of "rite of passage," and a growing up experience. I know all bullying can't be stopped but it often goes way too far, and if we can't draw the line at bullying which spews hatred at a particular group then I don't understand how we are supposed to stop it occuring in so-called "adults," whose minds are less likely to be open to tolerance.
The international community has highlighted the fact that too often people stand by as their friends and peers are picked on. Too often teachers and schoolmates let bullying slide and it's time for them to grow some and stand up for what is right. I think people are forgetting their roles and obligations to others.