Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nelson Henricks

I offer up one of Nelson Henricks videos for your perusal. This one inspired by the writing of Virginia Woolf. This is a writer very much responding to, if not directly engaging to, a textual practice. Images as ways of taking account. Or counting down as he does in this video. Henricks has a show up right now at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery in the Library Building at Concordia University, where I am, at least for the next year, teaching.

The show is TIME WILL HAVE PASSED. LE TEMPS AURA PASSÉ and it features, in the main room, four screens on a wall. Often the use of multiple screens in contemporary art seems gratuitous, but not here. The screens offer visual stimuli (four ways of looking at the same thing) as well as musical pitches. The images are repetitive and musical. There is a lot of text in the piece as well. The text is written and erased, backward and forward. It provides a narrative line, and the line is about writing. About trying to write. The images include hands clapping, fingers hitting a typewriter, a hand writing, clock faces, numbers getting ever closer until we are looking at bands of colour as in a very old fashioned EKG monitor of some kind. Are the words as important as the sound and rhythm? Perhaps not.

The show runs till Friday, October 16. Recommended.

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