Monday, November 15, 2010

Inventory, Inventoried

An Inventory after Marguerite Pigeon's Inventory. (Anvil Press, 2009).

Legend for Categories
S = Selling
C = Conceptualism
B = Biography
P = Pages
I = Interviews
R = Reviews
M = Miscellanea

Category Item
SThere are no customer reviews yet
CObject as muse
B A writer of poetry and fiction
RPigeon was recently a participant in the Studio.
S Year: 2009
P Sketch of the word “Inventory” in different lettering
M Possible death of the object
B Editor of academic publications
C Temporal, political, locational and psychic aspects
S Language: English
P Ants are an empire of females
B Work has appeared in a variety of journals
S Binding: Paperback
R translated into Estonian using Babelfish and then returned to English.
M Further to my last Marguerite Pigeon,
I Preferably the banana?
P Ant-girls in an empire of females
C Francis Ponge, the French poet who considered ordinariness and objects to be (the) way to go for poetry
P Sketch of card catalogue drawers
C A collection of 58 object poems
I I’m not really “poetic” in my daily life or anything
P Sketch of an apartment block
P Sketch of clothespins
P Sketch of a hair dryer
P Sketch of a key
P Sketch of lipstick tube, open and rolled up
P Sketch of mirror
P Sketch of newspaper
P Sketch of tea bag
M My class focuses on object poetry.
B Lives in Vancouver
C Reciprocal relation between subjects and objects
P Above it all a woman, ready to do violence
S No synopsis available
B and Vancouver poet and bon vivant Marguerite Pigeon drops in to read from her mesmerizing collection Inventory
I/C fragility, class, and women
S Publisher: Anvil Press
P Sketch of mouth with tongue sticking out
I My stapler. My tea bag. Myself.
RThe jury loved this book and would like to gesture a large congratulations to Marguerite.
P push crampons into your sides like ticks, picks like mosquito proboscises, extract our bite-sized information
S Dewey Decimal: 811.6
P Don’t be hyperdramatic
M this tangible approach
P *see also: Glacier
I It sounds pretentious but it’s true: I’m reading Proust
S Pages: 71
P They’re not all this accessible, of course
S Books, poetry, Canadian
P the elastic, rather than drawing the line, becomes it
B Marguerite Pigeon appears courtesy of The Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers’ Union of Canada
P “Exocrine to endocrine,
I The things around me—literally within reach
S ISBN: 1895636973
P Bend the metal, please./Bend the metal for order.
S Dimensions: 185mm x 127mm x 7mm
P fatty two-by-four a-howl or

Nikki Reimer, author of [sic], lives in East Vancouver.

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