Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Thanks to all those who visited Lemon Hound this year. Thanks for coming even as the site continues to morph. There are more changes to come, so do continue to return. It's the readers that make the site it seems to me. It's also the fabulous guest bloggers and regular bloggers. Thanks to Nikki and Helen for a solid year of contributions topped off by the appearance of exciting first books--congratulations to you both. Contributions from Sachiko Murakami, Nick Thran and Ray Hsu were a highlight of last winter--thanks and bow and wave.  Michael Nardone, thanks for the missives from near and far, and Michael Turner, we will hear more from in the new year. derek beaulieu's posts have accumulated into an essential folio on conceptual writing and for that I thank him. The Silver Car Sessions will also return. There are new guest bloggers lined up for the coming months and I thank them in advance. As well, thanks to interns Lizy and Steph who are becoming quite essential to the project.

Here's to more changes in the new year. Here and elsewhere. Print is dead they keep saying. Sure, fine. So no reinvent it. Here's to being open to reinvention. Here's to the will to bend to and be bent by the future. Here's to finding ways to make books relevant. Here's to the peak of Internet consumption, may it integrate into our lives well. Here's to the peak of the eBook, may we find balance in the ways we read. Here's to print. Here's to online magazines. Here's to social networks fraught and otherwise. Interesting times. Thanks for making this site part of them.

In the ongoing spirit of morphing with the times we have several small and large changes in the works, both in design and perspective. But really, what we have, is enormous thanks for your support. 

RIP Bobby Farrell
In 2011 we could use a little more feathers and glitter. Just saying.

Oh my. I completely forgot the Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere title! Thanks all who voted for me, and thanks to my co-laureate Robert Lee Brewer. And Greg, I think it's all your doing that Poet Laureate thing. I'm going to get you for that.


functional nomad said...

You'll never not have been been the Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. I think that's a great thing.

Lemon Hound said...

happy new year mr. nomad.

and that's ms. laureate, no?