Thursday, December 02, 2010

Introducing the Silver Car Sessions

Regarding the Silver Car Sessions (and Sessions Bleues de Voiture)

This is a new collection of work of video catting around with the mouse poetry itself with something stemming from yonder to at least now. Part of the interview phase of the interviewing is to get the viral out of the machine and back into the human beings. We are a kind of Bookclub that hates itself—with so much joy! Concerning our studios: so far we have used two silver cars and Barwin’s blue loaner—the former having power seats, which threw us at first. Most of the poetry here is in red and digital-video-ready. Blood, then? We can hope. Several artists we have met have expressed the opinion that certain poets should take certain workshops in video production. These kinds of suggestions are met (by us) as responsible, important concepts—in the videos—and can be recognized by a faint whiff of a cake baked by the baker’s lotus-eating son or daughter. In short, we do apologize. And, well, in the first instance, the poet wants to be an I with texts and in these instances we have tried to find ways to split the I into (usually) about 150 YouTube views. We may eventually speak of “digital work” in a forum of specialists but we will do so (we promise!) only to meet more and more people to talk to… about poetry. It’s great, actually, to have artists sit together in a cramped space / in a closed circuit space / in a device—and, AND, and we have learned that it is actually way more intimate to Skype in some ways than it is to rub noses with a stranger. We hope you monitor “ways of seeing” enough to afford us the mantle of They Who At Least Tried to Compile a Brief Community of Sonic HaHa's and Optic NoNo's. You all seem like asteroids to us—true and good things, especially in the noise between us. Besides, it’s the acoustical-visual romping we adore: your faces that end up with our words and vice versa. Thanks for fucking with us!

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