Monday, December 13, 2010

Jordan Scott: Flub and Utter

'Tis mid-December, several days till solstice, several more days till the Festival of Plastic. I've spent the day in a mild state of panic, wrapping various locally-purchased, artist/isan-made items in locally-purchased brown kraft paper to stuff in my suitcase, as if any of that can absolve my participation in the annual consumer-capitalist wet dream. This is the opposite of poetry.

Here's some actual poetry, conceived and filmed by the National Film Board of Canada: an interactive film featuring Jordan Scott's Blert. It is titled Flub and Utter, a poetic memoir of the mouth.

It, like Scott's poetry, is crunchy, tactile, delicious.

Nikki Reimer is sorry for phoning it in this week.


Anonymous said...

Ha, doesn't seem that way. Thanks for this, NR>

Anonymous said...

This is awesome.