Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Weekend Read


Before the iPhone came, we lived like pigs,

barely able to resist fratricide.

I'm honestly amazed I survived before,

what with all that listening to people.

When the flood of favorite apps came to me,

I let the flow take me to where it wanted.

I could be anywhere, looking at pictures

of drunk people on the internet.

I could see the friend at the masquerade

and how some HuffPost thing was liked 12 times;

I could listen to that message, you know,

from the taxi with the laughing in the back.

Best of all, I could set the temperature

to Farenheit and pretend to be normal.

I hold my iPhone to my chest to pray

for the thousands of texts I've deleted.

--David McGimpsey

David McGimpsey's writing was the subject of the recent book Population Me: Essays on David McGimpsey. Born and raised in Montreal, he is the author of four collections of poetry (Lardcake, Dogboy, Hamburger Valley California and Sitcom) and of one collection of short fiction (Certifiable). He has a PhD in English Literature and is the author of the award-winning study Imagining Baseball: America’s Pastime and Popular Culture. David writes a regular humor column called “The Self-Esteem Workout” for Matrix Magazine and is a contributing editor for EnRoute magazine where he writes a column about sandwiches. David plays guitar and sings in the rock band Puggy Hammer.

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