Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Footage: Looney Tunes

Because January always has that extra day I forget about, and the Egypt events were so moving, and the Egyptians such an impressive people, patient, dignified, proud, inspiring with their human chains in the face of guns and tanks and looting and American foreign policy (a fact that continues to stun, amaze and undermine everything good about the west), even so the coverage yesterday began to feel scripted, a little too oriented toward a certain, inevitable outcome that has both exciting and slightly terrifying implications for the region, though probably I shouldn't say that because it's really none of our business, and we know nothing but what we've been shown, so we can only watch and hope things turn out for the people, and all people, that is, and because it's all so sublime, as it is when people speak en masse, and messy as it is when people speak en masse, I wanted to start the week with a little Looney Tunes just so we can actually believe we understand something, and with that, enjoy a little wash of vintage colour, and cool.

Have a great week all.

Via boingboing a 1957 Looney Tunes jazz version of the Three Little Pigs

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