Friday, February 04, 2011

Michael Turner: Meredith Hunter’s Last Words (Heard)


(from the stage)

I -- I cannot see what's going on, I just know that every time we get to a
number something happens. I don't know what's going on, who's doing what;
it's just a scuffle. All I can ask you, San Francisco, is, like, the whole
thing -- like this could be the most beautiful evening we've had for this
winter, you know, and we'd really -- no, why, why...don't let's fuck it up,
man. C'mon, let's get it together. I can't do anymore than just ask you, to
beg you to just keep it together. You can do it, it's within your power.
Everyone. Everyone. Hell's Angels -- everybody. Let's just keep ourselves

You know, if we -- if we're all one, let's show we're all one.

There's one thing, uh, horrible, what we need -- Sam, we need an ambulance,
we need a doctor by that scaffold over there. If there's a doctor can he
get to there.

Okay, here we go. We're gonna -- I don't know what we're doing.

When we get to, like, the end and we all wanna go absolutely crazy and,
like, jump on each other then we'll stand up again, you know what I mean?
Everyone keep it-- Sit down. I mean, just keep cool and let's just relax,
let's just get into a groove. C'mon, we can get it together. C'mon. Sit

Rolling Stones begin "Under My Thumb"

Eight bars later, Meredith Hunter is stabbed to death by a Hells Angel

Michael Turner is a Vancouver-based writer of fiction, criticism and song. He tends a blog of his own. If you're still curious you can find more about him here.

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