Monday, April 09, 2012

Lyric Conceptualism, A Manifesto In Progress : Sina Queyras : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

Here's an excerpt. Read the entire thing over at Harriet. Happy Poetry month.

The Lyric Conceptualist has moved beyond the indigestible and the unreadable, in fact, beyond all gestures that have made pleasure the enemy of reading.
Still, the Lyric Conceptualist remains true to her politics of inclusion, appreciating the thinkership of conceptual poetry, the revelations in mass assemblages that concretize the ephemeral textuality of daily life. Yet she stubbornly continues to bask in the reverie of solitude.
Lyric Conceptualism indulges in the excess of language while appreciating the clean lines of the minimal.
Lyric Conceptualism does not confuse clarity with simplicity.
Lyric Conceptualism rejects naïve notions of truth and beauty.
Lyric Conceptualism is not simply expressionism.
Lyric Conceptualism does not accept that content does not matter and still appreciates the way that content does not always matter.
If the Lyric Conceptualist lives in a forest it may be a concrete one, or a forest planted and coiffed by humans as much as animals, though she is not ready for the merely virtual or textual.
The Lyric Conceptualist likely has one foot in the gallery and one foot on the earth. She can make the distinction between floor and ground. She knows a book and how to read one in myriad forms.
Lyric Conceptualism understands that insight and revelation are difficult to come by no matter how the poem has been conceived.

Lyric Conceptualism, A Manifesto In Progress : Sina Queyras : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation


Maryrose Larkin said...

this was terrific. thank you.

Bill Doze said...

That was refreshing. Thanks for acknowledging us amateurs, at ease with our sincerity and love of play.
r.e.: "TLC acknowledges her debts to multi-strands of con-po, art, design, arch, phil, enviro, unions, students, mods, postmods, conceptualism and romanticism"
Would you add "debt to breath and body", acknowledging a quality of TLC which sidesteps attention to work on a somatic level? Just a thought. Thanks again.

jeroen nieuwland said...

Yes really great! I tried to comment here yesterday but often have problems with these comment boxes. Anyway, will try again, just wanted to post a link to sthg I wrote a while ago, just because it is so similar to this piece so thought it might be of interest: all best, j