Friday, May 04, 2012

Because we all need a little pie

Closing The Gap: Reviewing Canadian Books Of Poetry Written By Women

Every once in a while, I take a very careful look at the by-lines and review content of some of my favourite literary publications. Sometimes I do so because I think I might have caught wind of a trend, in terms of coverage, and want to see if my theory pans out. Sometimes I just look because I am curious and it occurs to me to do so. I do this because I am actively interested in how much coverage women’s writing is getting in the media all year round, and not just when the Vida Count comes out. I do it because I think keeping tabs on exactly who is writing about books, and what books they are writing about, is something that demands careful attention.
It occurred to me that it had been a rather long time since I read a review of a book of poetry by a woman in The National Post, and so I called up the column in question and counted. In the spirit of the Vida Count, I collated my findings into a handy pie chart:

For the entire piece, which includes a list of all the books by Canadian women that might have been reviewed, skip hop over to Ms Z's site.


Peter Greene said...

Gender, so overrated. Or do I mean the Post? Insufficient coffee to determine. I wonder if any of those 'male' authors were...well, I am thinking of the very wonderful James Tiptree Jr.

Lemon Hound said...

oh man, this is so old. you have no idea how tired i am of pointing it out...