Wednesday, May 30, 2012

he sensed parts of himself elsewhere

he sensed parts of himself elsewhere, originally uploaded by lemon hound

Posting some of these images from my archives. This piece, titled, Inasmuch As It Is Always Already Taking Place by American artist, Gary Hill, is a sixteen-channel video (black and white, sound), sixteen black and white TV tubes and wires. When I saw it, it was recessed in a wall just near the entrance to the coffee shop on the 3rd Floor at MoMA.

Is this a composition of loneliness? Is this a call for us to consider the passion? Can we think of this as a kind of contemporary iconography, a meditative loop we can play through the way some of us work beads? Might we consider the implications of wholeness. Togetherness. Multitudes. Might we, for a moment, feel compassion for the difficulty of aligning the body to right action? It is the opposite of the sexualized body. It is more a body Beckett might imagine. 

Not a cyborg body, dripping like liquid steel to reform itself in pixels. Also, not a wall of screens as we by now, have come to associate with Christmas displays in shopping malls. There is the unsettling aspect of the the various sizes, the way they tentacle out. Or, like limbs, lay waiting to be engaged. Muscles, delicate as seaweed.

Come, gather yourself together. The blue world awaits. 

Inasmuch As It Is Always Already Taking Place © 1990 Gary Hill

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