Sunday, May 13, 2012

When the Hound met Ms. Place

A little bell rang in the center of her mind. It is the only time such a bell has rung.
Another one of Darboven's maxims: "I write with numbers, I count with words." What do numbers write? Dates, yes, but dates as equations, as representations broken down into other signs, other representations. What do words count? "Today" is written often, and often crossed out, like a date on a calendar, and the present counts (always) as one, just as the past is just another present, and any one throws us back into the notion of the written number, to another "one," to citation, which is always representation without representation. "I write and don't describe. One one is one two 2 Two is one two 2."17 Darboven's infamous "u" is typically read as either banal graphic symbol or simple repetition, missing the material point that "u" in German works as an ampersand in English, as the graphic equivalent to "und" ("and"). The metronome drone uuuuuuu... thus becomes the plainsong &&&&&&&..., and its crossing-out, the enactment of a present-tensed past. Sign as word, word as number, number as written, counting words. Signifier signifying in the old-school sense of deploying a variety of contradictory rhetorical moves in a single, frequently quotational, gesture.
Happily, if one gets the bell in one's lifetime, one is lucky.

Here's Ms. Place appreciating Hanne Darboven.

I am always appreciating Ms. Place. As is HTML Giant.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day, Vanessa.

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